Escrow Services

Our Escrow Process

We have extensive experience providing escrow services for all types of ecommerce and online business transactions. We have worked on hundreds of deals, honing our process to offer you a fast, safe and efficient escrow process. Our team of lawyers is dedicated to ensuring a smooth and secure experience for all parties involved in the transaction. We understand the importance of speed and reliability in the world of ecommerce, and we strive to deliver exceptional service every time. Trust us to handle your escrow needs with the highest level of professionalism and care.

Introduction to all parties involved

We ask that we are introduced to the parties involved once they’ve agreed to using us for Escrow Services.

Provide Purchase Agreement

We request to be provided a copy of the purchase agreement, once the parties have agreed to a final draft or executed purchase agreement. This is what we use to determine the terms of the escrow agreement.

Prepare Escrow Agreement

Once we’ve received the purchase agreement to outline the terms of escrow release, we’ll prepare the escrow agreement and share it for the parties to review.

Execution of Escrow Agreement

Once the parties approve the escrow agreement, we circulates it for signatures on the day of closing, which we wait for the parties to authorize.

On Standby

We then remain on standby for the funding party (usually the buyer) to wire funds to our escrow account. Upon receipt of funds, we’ll confirm receipt to let all parties know that they can begin transfer of assets or interests. We then remain on standby until the parties authorize the release of escrow. We also ask for the wire instructions for the applicable parties and verbally verify the wire instructions during this time for security.

Escrow Release Instructions

When we’re given the green light for escrow release from the applicable parties, we’ll circulate Escrow Release Instructions for everyone to sign – this document basically breaks down the funds flow.

Release of Funds

We send the executed escrow release instructions and verbally verified wire instructions to our accounting department for release of funds – we’ll then advise the parties once funds have been sent. Congratulations on a successful funding!